The quotes from a textbook Deep harmonization. 

Functionality of this taxonomy is verified by experience - during musical therapies there comes a great release of burdening energy, individual tones or consonants of tones dissolve particular blockages and released energies are further on processed via sound into a new positive form.

Tones C and G or E and H are typical for purification and reinforcement of

Tones D and A or C♯ and G♯ for purification and reinforcement of


Other tones of the basic chromatic tone scale D♯, F, F♯, A♯[1] are neutral, they can therefore sound very universally.

Various mutual combinations of tones then contain, apart from their basic proper tones, also their collectively created tone made by their concordance and mutual pervading of their frequencies.

[1] Tone Ais (B) is specific concerning connection with astral worlds. Material level meridian is purified in order to improve communication within material levels which means streightening of damaged bonds with the matter and release of huge amount of fire - airy emotions of lower vibrations via whose transformation we move to higher information currents, in case of our preparedness, up to the spiritual levels of ether.