The quotes from a textbook Deep harmonization.

Basic components, from the viewpoint of the Universal laws functioning, are the equanimity of energies and the system of dualities. This unique task of the polarities in the all-embracing cosmos is inevitable for the maintenance of equilibrium of forces and charges. The suppression of negative elements by the positive ones is essential for the maintenance of the dualities' balance within the framework of this Love principle. For a human being, this means that they are exposed to this equalization process whenever they deflect from balance. If they produce more activities lacking Love - they are deflected more because the balance in the universe is unswerving! Obviously, the laws ruling the matter are subordinate to the equalization process as well. From the viewpoint of the maintenance of the principle of balance, it is the basic building element of the universe and it cannot be in any way circumvented - because EVERYTHING IS BUILT AROUND IT.

Following are examples of primary deflections from one's own fundamental harmony, created by human decisions:

Distrust in Universal Love program = own cosmic principle - distrust in one's own self

  • Disruption of one's own life plan - of its harmony with the Universal plan.
  • Closing up against the Pre-Mother Love - the only source of Life and Justice.
  • Insufficient knowledge of the Universal laws.
  • Insufficient attention, tardiness and distrust in the Universal plan.
  • Misunderstanding of the Universal gifts and their rejection.
  • Unequal material and emotional giving and receiving.
  • Insufficiency of Love towards the self and the environment.
  • Insufficient courage to forgive and to love unconditionally.
  • Inability to fall in and understand our mission.
  • Disbelief in our close ones.
  • Ungraciousness and mistreatment of our close ones and of the self.
  • Bad intentions, lies and treachery.
  • Resentfulness, expediency and proprietary mind set.
  • Ambition, selfishness and pride.
  • Dogmatism and idolatry.
  • Satisfaction.

... and the consequences resulting from all the above.

This and many other points could be presented as reasons why the human being is not in harmony with themselves, and thus with the Universal Pre-Mother. The only possible solution of how to get out of this vicious circle is to find the ONE'S OWN WAY. Everyone has to start with their selves. It is vital to be able to fall into the system of self-discipline - to be both an OBSERVER and a CREATOR at the same time, and to operate as an individual regardless of what others do or how they behave towards one another or towards the given individual. It is essential not to get manipulated by mass syndromes, by valence, by lust for power over somebody or something, by lust for satisfaction or by envy. All of this is very difficult. It is usually necessary to completely give up the WILL OF OUR EGO and to start learning depersonalization. As soon as the particular individual decides to establish self-control over their actions and opens their self to the guidance of the Universal love principle the course of events around them accelerates and everything connected to this main self-control level 'thickens'.

If you decide to work on yourself the door is widely open for you. You have a possibility to enter this door and accept the offered help presented in the instructions for the energetic work.