Sound healing exists on our planet throughout all its existence. It is because of the fact that as a planet it has its own sound which can differ over its evolution in a vibration way but never stops sounding. It is a part of a greater unit of abounding planets, little planets and other structures which create a great choral of the Solar system together.

The sound resonance is therefore very natural for the human senses because we all are a part of it.

Illustration photo: Analysis of a sound wave of a Crystal bowl

Every human being sounds in a specific time of their evolution on a certain tone which is a resulting tone of all their own soundings:

Music is the basis of universes because everything sounds. And it has in the same time a corresponding colour vibration. That is why even our soul and our spirit must sound. Our overall sound - the individual tone (consonance) is therefore mainly given by the harmony of these two components. A part of this overall consonance is created by our own active consciousness - the mind but the intensity of our consciousness sound (and therefore a possibility to influence the harmony of our overall sound) is related to the level of the individual light (mental) brain vibration - the purity of thoughts. There is also another component which can influence the overall sound; it is stored very deep in the supraconsciousness and it is related with the ether body which is a storage if all information that determine our life in the matter. But this sound is almost inaudible for many people and it can influence the individual overall sound only in the case if a person is in the right spiritual partnership - meaning in the partnership of the most mature type that exist. This relationship then greatly influences the overall sound of the couple. This is a partnership of the Age of Aquarius.

In the course of life /or on the universal scale - the existence itself/ due to the universal laws effectiveness every individual can more or less deflect from its own harmony - from their original sound, from their sounding central point.

The first segment of rectification of self stability discovering is a harmony with the motherly planet. Regarding the fact that the soul memory of the human being reaches into very deep time levels of their entire existence the planet Earth is a starting harmonization point but not at all the only one. But because we are currently on the Earth the actual sound of the planet after its Aquarius quantum jump is a very important "tuning fork" for us. This sound /a group of tones with a final tone/ is the first important tuning on which every soul tend to harmonize. The planet Earth is a very important global equilibrium sound point for human beings.

The most natural tones for us are planetary sounds.Every planet influences with its sound a certain part f the human body to such an extent that after connecting to the sound of the concrete planet it can be fully healed. The humankind understands these planetary effects and on a certain level of its evolution it every time discovers a way how to approach - reproduce the planetary sound to the human ear.

If we proceed from a tonal arrangement - from scales how they have been "discovered" in the course centuries and millennia the starting point for natural sound healing are undoubtedly pentatonic tonalities that are basically of 5 types. Every pentatonic tonality comprises 5 subsequent tones from a starting tone C, D, E, G, or A. Every tonality has its own typical interval composition and it is possible to build the on any other tone of the basic tonal row C - H. These tonalities were widely used in ancient eastern civilisations; for the European standard its healing effect is the strongest in the tuning form of Cis, Dis, Fis, Gis, Ais.

In older times before development of the tonal system of major and minor tonalities natural modal tonalities which due to their intensityof healing effects veil the pentatonic sound structure were widely used. These individual modes are in essence certain segments of the basic diatonic tonal row: A Doric d - d, a Frygic e - e, a Lydic f - f, a Mixolydic g - g. Their listing comprises also an Aiol tonality a - a from which a Ionic c - c minor scale have originated and which is a basis of the major scale. Each of these "ancient" scales has its own specific structure, its own sequence of full and half tones. These scales reach their greatest healing effect every time when they are in their basic form even though they can be built form any tone.

The Deep harmonization methodology is base on a perfectly balanced effect of all elemental components in one unit. Practically the point is that apart from needed tones - sounds or colours also all elements must be present during harmonization. This is possible to achieve thanks to the use of the harmonization instruments whose principal elements of the sound wave is a combination of the WATER-ETHER and FIRE-AIR elements in this ratio. The ideal for this is a combination of the Crystal bowls sound and acoustic string instruments of a monochord or duachord type /for example a resonation string bed/.