The quotes from a textbook Deep harmonization. 

Every soul expresses itself via music. Music in this way becomes, or let us say is a means of communication on soul level.

Why is that so? Because all cosmos sounds with various tones and via this sound - tones the cosmos creates various consonances - tone intervals or relationships.

Every sound has its own time of sound. From the energetic point of view there are different sound durations according to their potentials, meaning according to the power amplitude o a tone. Every tone sound as well as every tone consonance has its beginning and its end. From the Universal point of view they are certain cycles.

These sound cycles can sound very long time according to the intensity of their initial tones. Or on the contrary very short time.

These cycles can be either chain cycles - can be jioned via the same tones and repeat themselves or after some time, even after a few repeating sounds on the same tones, they can be tuned in to higher vibration wave lengths; either on individual sound level or on various relationship sounds.

Music is therefore the one and only means of communication that is capable to NATURALLY AND NON-VIOLENTLY TUNE IN individuals (primary) or relationship groups (secondary, tertiary and quadral) to higher Universal vibrations (from point of view of law of physics - lower frequency of tone sound for our ears).

Length of cycles follows the rule of the Universal laws.

Laws of Creation are absolutely perfect and therefore no error can occur - no error in "calculation" of any cycle length.

Cycles that are a part of relative quantities (worlds) can have movable demarcation of their termination - they are movable and thus changeable but their time of duration is always approximately given. In life of humans there are therefore certain time turning points (of time = relative) which determine approximate end of all cycles of the human being. Important part is played by karma processes which have to pass off. Velocity of their "passing off", going through these processes, can be influenced by human being's free will.

What is important: not to resist transformations that are necessary accompanying phenomena during ending of a certin cycle and to look ahead with possitive approach towards future development!

In case of resisting termination of a certain cycle, due to functioning of omnipresent Laws of Creation, there are activated processes that serve to "accelerating" the given individual into the transformation because THE BEGINNING OF THE NEW CYCLE IS ALWAYS FIRMLY FIXED!!!

This means: If the man/woman long time stays on one point (long time waits inactivity) can be become sick, and disease can be very hard!!!

The soul, as our core, our component part, leads us towards successful termination of all cycles.

If all runs as it should - THE SOUL SINGS, if there is a delay - THE SOUL CRIES!

A person comes to know it on themselves according to the music that they surround himself with or which they create. If they sing positively everything is all right - in the concord with the Universe, in harmony with the Universe. If they sing sadly it is necessary to think about it and hurry up towards transformation - up towards a new life cycle.