Sounds of specific planets are something like puzzles of tones. A result of consonance of specific sound vibration fields is a sound spectre of the given concrete planet. This spectre has several levels and each level has a concrete "timbre". Every spectre transmits on its own waves different kinds of signals into the universal space. Regarding the fact that all events in this space are subjected to the universal laws that all came from the absolute harmony, any sounding naturally inclines to this harmony (if it is not violently distorted).

Principles of specific healing effects of concrete planets of the Solar system are taught in our professional seminar.

Our Solar system finds itself in its present moment in its Absolute harmony. It means that all signals sent from its space are harmonic and heal what is currently needed to be healed. The strongest sound is created by the Sun, of course - as a central sound star whose sound spectre is, in its specific manifestation according to the distance from it, a part of everything within the Solar system. It does not mean that effects of some soundings would not be strong enough though. The issue is that even the Sun has some (many) its sounding spectres some "timbres" of which reach near planets (and other universal structures) and other the remote ones. Generally we distinguish two zones - the inner and the outer planets of the Solar system. Yes, it appears so from one point of view but the other one - the universal one is more natural because of "as above so below" and "everything is connected with everything" principles which put everything into a mutual unity and equality and so nothing is near or remote because the Sun is in everything in some of its forms.

From the viewpoint of the human ear in our conditions it is almost unattainable to reach direct connection to the sounding - healing planetary spectres. It is possible to do so in the one and only way - by a sound wave sent from a certain vibration level. It has to be a wave of such a wave length which is capable to directly connect to the "transmitting channel of planets". Practically it is necessary to have an instrument which can create a suitable type of a sound wave and which can permeate the alpha spectre and will not be lost in it, that is to say is capable to find its target - the corresponding communication channel of the specific signal. We have found this instrument - the Crystal bowls. Given the heterogeneity of sound spectres of the individual planets it is vital to create with the aid of the Crystal bowls such consonance of sounds that is in its final vibration harmonic with the "signal" of the planets. We are patterned on ancient basis of music that is easily processed by the human hearing and on natural tuning which is best depicted via so called ancient modal tonalities. There exist 8 basic modes and each of them has other 9 combinations. At each mode there exist several tones upon which the melody of the specific mode is most often built. This is the exact tonal group which at every modal tonality creates a specific spectral field - totally individual and of exact sound character and a musical mood which is based on this character. The principle of the Crystal bowls sound wave effect as well as of the individual modes description is explained in more details in the Deep harmonization handbook. We easily and automatically enter alpha spectre during falling asleep or in the meditative state when the physical body is relaxed and the individual consciousness can focus more on connection to its own supraconsciousness that allow a direct connection to the universal consciousness. During these states there appear visions or dream experiences because for the individual consciousness this is the natural result - projection - of the received information from the universal consciousness.