Music is one and only. In essence there are no borders between individual musical styles. It is the same as artificially created borders in human faith.

There is only one love, just as one kind of music. The evidence of it is a possibility of a perfect fusion of any musical genres. When a person feels music with their heart it is possible to create any absolutely harmonic connection via music. Then it does not concern only one musical genre that feels more or less isolated but it concerns a connection of musical genres regardless seemingly big differences in their building foundations.

It is very similar to connecting of individuals in a partnership. Each of us is a personality, we come with experiences from all our universal existence and our natural desire is to enrich others with these experiences. The most natural human desire is to find a counterpart, him or her, who is very different from our natural character and despite of it we can perfectly understand each other.

A type of music does not matter, all is "directed" by love. Our entire life it is only about opening to it.

A sound therapy is one of the prototypic vibration healing ways. Sound produces measurable vibration feelings in the entire body which correspond a specific frequency and amplitude. Sound vibrations have a healing effect on our body because they influence geometric patterns and the organisation of cells and living systems.

Music is our natural communication means, it has no borders, it is accessible to everyone and we all know it.

The simpler the methodology and harmonic theme is the more it is acceptable for a human perception and for decoding of musical information.

Healing music should be simple, even minimalistic, because then the result is that the human consciousness directs its concentrated perception to a specific musical space of the sounding information which brings stronger healing effects to the human organism.

Tones generated by crystal bowls are one of the purest and most effective sounds that exist. Therefore we started to use harmonization instruments for healing as first. The whole methodology of the Deep harmonization came into existence on the basis of simple - tonal - perception of music on frequencies that are natural to our ear and are in the form of spherical vibrations which are natural for perception of the human soul.

Crystal bowls create uplifting spherical sounds. They produce strong oscillating power field that permeate us deeply. The music of Crystal bowls brings light into our consciousness and increases them onto a higher frequency of oscillation.

Sound healing of the Crystal bowls change frequencies of the brain waves. Sound leads listeners to alpha, theta and delta waves when the mind and the body are very receptive to healing and to deep relaxation. Thanks to the inner peace in these levels we are accessible to transformation processes that enable to perform changes in our consciousness and our physical body.

After a sound therapy via Crystal bowls people feel without pressure, freer and lighter. They have a feeling of ease and harmony. It is the most effective uplifting sound for meditations.

Other used instruments for creation of healing music are harmonization string instruments. They have a slightly different effect - they purify especially subconscious levels and help washing away released burdening emotions. In our practice we use specific acoustic instruments as monochords, duachords but also instruments with pentatonic or octave tuning. Also a harmonization sound bed is an excellent vibration and harmonization means.

For a studio music that is created in form of a CD harmonization record we use different instruments according to the type of healing music:

In meditational CDs the main central line is carried by the Crystal bowls and singing.

In classical harmonization CDs you can hear instruments especially of the string harmonization-acoustic character: specific harmonization string instruments, a classical violin or different kinds of guitars to which we add Crystal bowls, chimes etc. to create a music dialogue. For harmonization DCs aimed for communication healing of a wide range of relationships or for a specific type of deep harmonization the most suitable are keyboard instruments accompanied by singing, recitation, zither or other supplementary specific instruments for creation of a required mood.

A special kind of our healing music is music for children. Music for children is simple and melodically inventive, it expresses different "non-musical themes" with fairytale and magical atmosphere, in most cases it is accompanied by colourful paintings corresponding with musical themes. A child's soul rejoices and is healed at the same time.

Sound healing is an excellent way how to purify, rejuvenate, relax and increase our positive and vital energy...