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Art of colours is the art to see spectral colour zones in the universal space via the inner sight, to feel them in a vibration way and to record them down through painting into colour and shape form which is acceptable for the visual perception of human beings in their concrete space and time material reality. It may sound a bit complicated but in essence it is very easy. There are people who have attained such a maturity of their own evolution that are capable to connect to the universal spherical colours (this feeling can be accompanied by hearing of the spherical music tones because every colour wave length has a corresponding sound vibration). The most suitable way how to reach these spectral radiators is meditation - connecting of the human spirit through the mind and the heart with the universal spheres which are accessible for them. Regarding the fact that the human spirit floats according to the universal plan where it currently needs these unexpected "meditations" can happen anytime during the day or the night.

That is why it is sometimes possible to see an artist who is suddenly visited by a "muse" and needs to note down an excerpt of music or a sketch of an inspiration for a painting and whose sudden change of behaviour is at least strange for the passing people of for those who sit close to him for example in a coffee house. Personally I have gone through several experiences like these; they happen to me variously in the course of time and they are often accompanied by quite clear musical motives. If it concerns night dreamy experiences, people wake up during the night and they know exactly what they have seen r heard but until the morning most of the records can be lost. It is so because of the alpha level waves on whose level the pictures or sound from the universal worlds are transmitted to the human consciousness and that are related to a falling asleep or a waking up time. Concerning the planned meditation this experience does not have to come. It is because the fact that many people prefer the needs of their consciousness which is still quite burdened and does not sound completely with the needs of the soul yet and so they do not the right time horizon suitable for their own meditation. If a person is in the phase when they perceive the needs of their soul and project them through their own consciousness into the matter, they realize the planned meditation right in the time when it is adequate for them because they receive a full intake of all information they need.

Everybody is allowed to see the spectral colours. Women are closer to natural perception of the colour spectra, meaning the women with a feminine soul. For men it is easier to note down the sound vibrations. It is related to a natural connection of the jing aspect with water - colour and of the jang aspect with fire - sound. Both parts have come from the same bipolar base though, from a perfect union of water and fire in their origin and they are mutually indivisible. The colour comprises elemental pieces of fire and the sound elemental pieces of water which are connective components that allow to both aspects to create in the music and painting spheres. In the human life it is important to find our own place in this great diversity of creation and to carry on with all previous universal experiences, to discover them inside of us and actively create our new life.