CD Sound samples

Music for the purposes of Deep Harmonization

Time for love - Intuitive concert

Time for love - Intuitive concert. Music, a piano, singing, complementary harmonization instruments, illustrations (Lovers in fire) Hany Antoninova. Video author and audio consultant for Time for Love - Tomáš Pokorný. HANYART.EU 2017. 

Time for love - Intuitive concert 
Deep harmonization of interpersonal relations. Music purifies all communication levels of a human being, it unifies and harmonizes them. It interconnects conscious, subconscious, unconscious and supraconscious levels and brings them to absolute oneness.

On CD Time for Love - Intuitive Concert are two development phases of one painting (Lovers in Fire). These stages illustrate the development of any relationship, from initial signs of communication to deep emotion.


TIME FOR LOVE (cd single). Music, piano, singing, complementary harmonizing instruments, illustrations (Galactic kiss) - Hany Antoninova. Video author and audio consultant for Time for Love - Tomáš Pokorný. HANYART.EU 2017.

This CD is not sold separately. It is possible to purchase it in a set of healing music with cd Time for Love - Intuitive Concert.

Time for love - Cd Singl 
A special audio recording directing a human being towards the absolute forgiveness to one's self and others.

On this CD is an illustration from painting Galactic Kiss. This is a deep healing with color and sound at the same time. This music opens the heart and heals wounds by combining the effects of color and musical vibrations.

Woman and her Universe

Hana Antonínová. WOMAN AND HER UNIVERSE, Meditation cd, 2016.

Cosmic sound of the Crystal bowls, cantella, kigonki, singing. Specific pieces called according planets of the Solar system are at the same time illustration of the Crystal bowls sets of the Deep harmonization.

New music to new meditation that brings transformation of the "inner woman".

Deep harmonization for encouraging of creativity, intuition, spiritual perception and tertiary relation towards one's self with a special orientation towards the parent/children relation.

he Woman and her universe CD is a great purification means for pregnant women. Music washes away burdening emotions from a woman's auric field that are there due to the child's soul.The child's soul is in the mother's auric field already several months before its conception. These cosmic sounds of crystal bowls resemble the spheres which the child's soul passes through on the way to its mother. They are therefore natural to the human's soul which calms down while listetning to these sounds and at the same time it releases fears, anxieties and stabilizes its emotional balance.

Saecula saeculorum

Tomáš Pokorný and Hana Antonínová, SAECULA SAECULORUM, Harmonization cd, 2016. 
Life recording of the harmonization concert. A musical dialogue between a man and a woman. Crystal bowls, harmonization string instruments, singing (latin texts).

A man as a stationary, protective and anchoring element in his great masculine force and potential.

A woman as merciful, praying element, in her great loving, forgiving and unifying force.

Deep harmonization of the jing and jang potential and a secondary relation towards themselves (partnership).

Confessio Amoris

Hana Antonínová, CONFESSIO AMORIS, Harmonization cd, 2015. Crystal singing bowls, monochords, citera, kantele, singing.


Modern "mass", fine minimalist music with a hint of liturgical text. Allegory of Creation, Creation of Elements, Pre-essence of Human being. Women's power in prayer and humility, forgiveness.

Deep harmonization of basic elements in the Human body and the primary relationships.
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