Project Time for love


Time for love

We offer you a little "tasting" of the basic sung musical theme Time for love from the single album Time for love and then a part of piano Intuitive concert Part Es (Transmutation) from the Time for love album - Intuitive concert.

  • Time for love - Intuitive concert

    Deep harmonization of interpersonal relations. Music purifies all communication levels of a human being, it unifies and harmonizes them. It interconnects conscious, subconscious, unconscious and supraconscious levels and brings them to absolute oneness. 

  • Time for love - Cd Singl
    A special audio recording directing a human being towards the absolute forgiveness to one's self and others.

Music, a piano, singing, complementary harmonization instruments, illustrations (Lovers in fire and Galactic kiss)

Hany Antoninova

The author of videos and a sound consultant of the Time for love project

Tomáš Pokorný

Both CDs have been recorded live without preparation in Prague on a piano Petrof.

The universal creative force and love permeated myself and led my fingering.

This unique music is multi-dimensional and quantum spatial. It is a gateway into a great true world of our inner eternal existence.


We recommend to listen to the music with headphones, to immerse in tones, to discover undiscovered inner worlds...

The project was originated during the year 2017 in Prague, Firenze and Monaco.

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