Basic ideas and methods of Deep harmonization

Connection of faith and science leads to discovery of the Universal beauty.

According to the methodology of the Deep harmonization people learn healing on the basis of knowledge of the universal principles and universal effect of sound and colour vibration.

All methods of the Deep harmonization are fully functional and applicable to anyone.

The deep harmonization is a new mystical direction that is a form of development of one’s own personality on the basis of interconnection of the spiritual and life thanks to universal information, knowledge of the universal laws and effect of vibration of sound and colour. Do you want to know more about the method?

Author's word about the method

The method of the Deep harmonization came into existence after several years of work and it is based on my own harmonization work on myself. Right at the beginning there came an opening of my own spiritual consciousness which brought about also acceleration of all processes around us and therefore also the necessity to understand the reasons of my own existence. Information from the Universal consciousness started to come and everything else was put aside. Once a human being experiences the fulfilment of a spiritual experience he/she understands that it is their real world and that everything that is around him happening in the matter is only reflection of his inner world and a realization of their inner self state into the matter. According to where and how they live can understand a phase of their evolution. Every time there exist a way how to find our lost harmony and a sense of our being. We found a very universal way in the sound and soon afterwards also in the colour. The sound and colour vibrations crate a transformation wave that brings positive changes.

This unique method is cyclic:

  • It can loosen up conscious blockages - from fears, emotional layers from adopted burdening programs and non-personal patterns of behaviour to releasing of emotional blockages of the mental body which darken the mind,
  • it can solve also subconscious blockages - burdening feelings that a person often sees as feelings of their own heart and that seduce them from their right path.

This method leads towards a change of biocrystalic structure - the unification of the protective light cover of the ether body and recoding of genetic information what means the phase of the physical body healing.

Specific methodology levels correspond to specific level of knowledge that open new horizons and understanding of our own worlds. With every shift new possibilities of self-realization open and there appear also new burdens for solving. Therefore it is a chain of methods that can be endlessly repeated and in the same time lead the human being into its absolute inner self. In the inner self the human being is in such a level of the self-knowing that they can harmonize automatically and neither deflection from their centre point nor other failure is possible. They stabilize themselves in the state of their own harmony, they are healthy, content and fulfilled. They transfer their acquired experience and they fully self-realize. This is the goal of the whole methodology of the Deep harmonization.

Fundamental ideas and method of Deep harmonization