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Group and individual harmonization courses in Prague

During playing the soul enters into conversation with its partner/a counterpart on conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels when conscious blockages /fears/ are released and emotions are carried away.

Method of Deep harmonization has come into existence after 10 years of work and in 2017 is for the first time open to public.

Sound therapy is one of prototypic vibration healing practices.

Sound produces measurable vibrations in the body that correspond to a specific frequency and amplitude.

Sound vibration has a healing effect on our body because they influence geometric patterns and organisation of cells and living systems.

Music is our natural communication means, it has no borders and it is available to everyone and we all know it. The simpler the melodic and harmonic theme is the more it is acceptable for human perception and for decoding of musical information. Healing music should be simple, even minimalistic, because then the result is that the human consciousness directs its concentrated perception to a specific musical space of the sounding information which has stronger healing effects on human organism.

Tones generated by Crystal bowls are one of the purest and most effective sounds that exist.

Crystal bowls create uplifting spherical sounds. They produce strong oscillating field which deeply permeates us.

Music of the Crystal bowls brings light to our conscious mind and raises it onto a higher frequency of oscillation.

Sound Crystal bowls healing changes frequencies of the brain waves. Sound leads the listener to alpha, theta and delta waves where the mind and the body are very perceptive for healing and deep relaxation. In these levels we are, thanks to inner calmness, open to transformation processes that allow making changes in our consciousness and our body.

fter the sound therapy with the bowls people feel no tension, they feel more free and lighter. They feel relaxed and harmonized.

Healing by sound is an excellent mans how to purify the self, regenerate, relax and raise positive and vital energy.

What we offer: Unique programs for  harmonization of partnership and interpersonal relations via harmonization crystal bowls and other music instruments for harmonization. 


Free playing

Open music therapy, parents and children can come to play and discover a magic of the sound harmonization.

Automatic drawing with music therapy for children and adults

Automatic drawing helps show the actual state of the soul and a journey how to find inner calmness, peace and contentment.

Self discovering courses

Seminars during which we will discover the Universal laws and their effect on our life. We will purify ourselves from emotions which impede our connection to our inner self.

Individual healing

Deep harmonization according to needs of the client, unblocking of conscious and subconscious blockages, during the work relational and generic burdens are being solved.

Woman seminars with a dancing meditation

During a dancing meditation a connection with the soul is being reinforced and the soul is given a huge space to express itself.

Contactless sound massage

Come to let pamper yourself by sound of the Crystal bowl and by rain poles that harmonize your subtle bodies.

Methodology course of the Deep harmonization

These courses are created for current and future harmonization specialists who wish to penetrate this unique method.

Deep harmonization meditation

We offer complex harmonization meditations with deep healing effects.

Quantum healing - READING.                 

Exclusively for this school we included in the individual healing programs the method of Quantum healing.

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