Crystal bowls and other Healing Instruments

Harmonization of body, spirit and soul

If you wish to find a secret of the universe, take in consideration everything that is related to energy, 
frequency and vibration.

Nikola Tesla

Our activities with Crystal bowls are here so that we could help people get better acquainted with the phenomenon of Crystal bowls and transmit all necessary information about their use, qualities, abilities and their harmonization effects to them.

Yours faithfully
Hany Antoninova


Healing and harmonization by sound was used in ancient civilizations.

One of those places was also Egypt where sound vibrations were used to increase one's own energy, reach higher spheres of consciousness and spiritual knowledge. 

This knowledge dates back to the ancient Atlantis. This forgotten method emerges again at the beginning of the Age of Aquarius in order to help with faster spiritual development of humanity and its quantum shift onto a higher level of consciousness.

Crystal bowls are made of 99,9% of crystal silicon ( SiO2) which can be found in nature in the form of crystalline crystal. Our bodies are also crystalline structures and contain silicon as one of the basic building stones of our body. 

Crystal bowls create a strong oscillating power field that pervades us deeply into all our bodies (physical, emotional, mental, soul and spiritual), they pyrify, harmonize us and in this way increase our vital energy.

Every organ system in the body is influenced by sound, music or vibrations.

On the physical level they influence crystalline structures of silicon which is one of the basic building elements of our bodies.

 Vibration energy of crystal bowls resonates in mutual affinity (mutual relation) with our body and penetrates deep into soft tissues where it heals us on cellular level. 

Our organism returns into balance and harmony that is vital for correct functioning of the body and for its self-regeneration mechanism.

Frequency, vibration and sounds influence in a healing way our body because they influence geometrical patterns and organisation of the cells and all living systems. See the link below.

Sound leads listener to alpha, theta and delta waves where the mind and the body are very perceptive for healing and deep relaxation. In these levels we are, thanks to inner calmness, open to transformation processes that allow to make changes in our consciousness and our body.

Crystal bowls vibration effects also influence our subtle bodies in a positive way and they help to unblock, purify and remedy our conscious and subconscious blocks (on mental, emotional, soul and spiritual levels) that lie in us and that influence our behaviour and our life situations.

Crystal bowls effects with the aid of deep harmonization can recode DNA information on the deepest levels of the soul body. Tones generated by crystal bowls are one of the purest and most effective sounds that exit. They create vibrations and sounds that connect us to higher spheres of the universal consciousness.

After the sound therapy with the bowls people feel no tension, they feel more free and lighter. They feel relaxed and harmonized. The healing by sound is an excellent mans how to purify the self, regenerate, relax and raise positive and vital energy.


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