About us

At the beginning there was an idea and then years of work...

M.A. Hana Antoninova

(Nom de guerre Hany Antoninova)

Artist, musicologist, harmonization specialist, mystic.

The author of Deep harmonization - of a new mystic direction which is a form of one's own personality development on the basis of spiritual and material life interconnection.

She has brought an initial idea, professional information from a musical field and spiritual information from spiritual field.

After a great personal transformation in 2011 she received a lot of important information via channelling, via a direct channel from the Universal consciousness. She has documented all these precious records and prepared a methodology guide of Deep harmonization. All this development process had lasted approximately for four years until this guide was for the first time presented in the form of brochures. Nowadays the whole work is already compact in the form of textbooks and describes a unique method thanks to which it is possible to reach a realization of one's own inner self thanks to universal information, music and a colour composition. The author uses knowledge from her a many-years long harmonization experience and her professionalism in the field of musical science.

Contemporary activity: Creation of paintings and music, intuitive concerts, she is a trainer of a sound and colour Deep harmonization method, creation of harmonization musical sets in cooperation with Tomáš Pokorný.

Tomáš Pokorný 

He has brought initial music in its active form and created a project of Crystal bowls. On its basis and on the basis of using other harmonization instruments during music therapies the effects of Deep harmonization method have were tried for the first time.

He is a co-founder of the method from the viewpoint of sound healing effects with the aid of special harmonization musical instruments.

Contemporary activity: distribution of harmonization musical instruments, deep sound meditations.